January 27, 2016

Do you have Saturday Morning Fever?

Do you have Saturday Morning Fever?  We do now! Thanks to Wild Goats Creative, Nina Moran and Carolyn Daniels, had the chance to work with some amazing actors this past November.  The energy was electrifying and fresh! They kept it entertaining for the entire 10 hours they were on set. The cast had the whole room singing and dancing the entire time! I can see why Fuse network would want to do a show on this vibrant bunch. Salvador Gutierrez-Chacon and  Wild Goats Creative were exceptionally skilled! Their artistic eye and professionalism made the shoot flow flawlessly! We also had the pleasure to work with Casey Reed from Q102 who was there interviewing the cast. Jen Abrams celebrity stylist did a phenomenal job as well! It is always a joy to work with superb professionals to create something fabulous! We wish these tremendously talented folks much success on their journey to stardom, it was a pleasure! Stay tuned tomorrow (JAN 27th) for the premier of Saturday Morning Fever on Fuse
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