March 23, 2009

First Blog Ever.

First Blog Posting
Mar. 23, 2009

I am so excited to NOT be saying “I am in the process of updating my website’ ONE MORE TIME! Although I loved my old website, it was a bit “goth” and the biggest problem was that I needed a fresh place to showcase my more recent makeup work. So, after five years of deliberating over how this new site was going to look and how it was going to function, I decided to leave that all up to the expert, and that expert is Tony DiCicco. Tony really listened to the needs and wants of Cheekadee and came up with something that I am truly proud to put my name on.


So, as a first blog posting- where do I begin?! Should it be professional, personal, fun, a combination of all three?! I will try my best to keep this interesting and updated at least once week. I will try to keep this blog filled with pro makeup tips, as well as postings and updates of weddings and photo shoots that Tricia and I are doing or have done. It will also be the place where we can give thanks to the fellow vendors that we work with and hopefully fill people in on a little more of what we do and see every week.