November 2, 2012

Growth of Cheekadee

Check out our new advertising campaign shot by International Wedding Photographer Sarah DiCicco and design by Cicoria Advertising.

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We wanted to show how much we have grown as a company, and as a team in the past few years. Back in 2009 when I started Cheekadee, it was myself and one other artist– we did 35 weddings. The following year in 2010, there were three of us and we more than doubled our business by doing 77 weddings. Then, in 2011 we did 105 weddings with four artists and hired our very first office manager. Now in 2012, there are a total of seven artists and one studio manager. We are slated to have our best year yet and hope to be able to branch out to some new projects in 2013. We owe it all to our previous clients and the great support of our fellow wedding professionals in the Philadelphia area. Thank you for your support as we continue to grow and branch out in different directions. Stay tuned friends!

XO- Emily, Stephanie, Nina, Mandy, Yelena, Katie, Janelle and Erin.