May 18, 2017

Keep Calm & Marry On!

We all know the hustle and bustle of wedding planning can be overwhelming!  So if you feel like you are drowning in wedding magazines and do not know where to start…let us help!


Wedding Planners and photographers are great sources and a great place to start your planning  process. After speaking with you, both will be able to recommend some amazing venues, like these in New York City, that will be the perfect fit for your wedding vision. Planners and photographers usually recommend florists and makeup, and we(as makeup experts), usually recommend hairstylist, tanning, nails and esthetician services. Photographers are key when it comes to your day of timeline. They will know the exact time you should be done beauty services before pictures,  and where & when you need to be throughout the rest of the day.

Checkout this fantastic timeline from WeddingWire and use it as your starting guide. As they say, its takes a village! Start your plan today!