September 12, 2012

Meet Katie

Katie blog

I first met Katie about 15 years ago when I interviewed her for a makeup artist position while I worked for MAC cosmetics. The second I met her I knew she was special. Flash forward to now and Katie has lived and traveled all over the US taking her skills with her wherever she goes. Katie has worked for MAC in Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles while branching out on her own as a freelance artist. She is amazingly gifted and we are lucky to have her with us until she heads out west again in the Spring of 2013 to take on her next new adventure of starting her own lipstick line. Katie is not only an extremely talented makeup artist, but one of the hardest working people I know. We are SUPER excited to welcome her as a part of Cheekadee! Check out her fabulous work on her website, and read her Q & A below to find out a little more about her talent and passions.

What is the one product that you could not live without in your kit?

Highlighting lotions- The key to a youthful, fresh and radiant look is luminous skin!

What is your favorite makeup look?

The classic 1940’s-1950’s look. A defined brow, soft eyes and a red or rose colored lip with a flush on the cheek. It will never fail you.

What is your favorite type of makeup to do?

I could never choose, I love them all.

What is your fondest experience with a client?

In general, it’s always the ones where the client or model is stunned at how beautiful they can be with just a little enhancement. I can see it before hand and get excited for them. When you look a little bit pulled together, you feel a lot better about yourself. As women, we should focus on what loveliness we have and not the things we think we lack.

What is your favorite makeup line?

I am always discovering new lines and products, but right now I am really into Besame and Make Up Forever.

If you were not a makeup artist, what would you choose to be?

I would be involved in fashion, film, or entertainment somehow!

What is one thing that people should know about you that don’t?

I’m obsessed with Old Hollywood; I even have a blog about it!

Who was your biggest influence creatively?

My influences all dealt with fantasy and escapism. Other people who were creating new images of what they wanted to become, like the stars of old black and white movies or glam 1970’s where everyone who was anyone had to be fabulous. I’m influenced by the fact that I can create whatever I want on myself and other people. I like to romanticize.

Who is your favorite makeup artist?

The Westmores started the makeup and hair departments of every major film studio since 1919 and there are Westmores still working today. Max Factor invented almost everything and made makeup application and transformation a science. Pat McGrath and Dick Page are the standard when it comes to fashion and editorial beauty. Alice Ghendrih and Alex Box are genius at avant garde fantasy makeup. Also, the makeup artist I would like to become. I always strive to improve and eventually be an inspiration to others!