March 29, 2009

Starlet Sessions with Kamila Harris

Starlet Sessions

Photos by Kamila Harris

Last year I met someone really, really cool. And since we have met, we have kind of been inseparable. We have worked on Weddings together. We have worked on Boudoir together and are now working on a really cool project called Starlet Sessions. This person is Kamila Harris. And although I love her, I must state that she and I are both married to different people. But… Starlet Sessions is our love child. Since Kamila brought me along to work with her on Boudoir, I noticed that a lot of the girls were nervous at first. But then they really warmed up to the camera and the final result… always beautiful. So, we thought why not take this extremely popular medium and offer it with a twist and open it up to girls that may have always wanted to do a Boudoir session, but would feel a little more comfortable in a cute polka dot halter dress over a tiny teddy.




Last October we did our first Starlet Sessions in Wildwood , NJ and we will be doing our first sessions of the year there again this May.

To view photos and get more info and details of what this is all about- check out: